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Post Card Marketing Ideas for Valentines Day
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Post Card Marketing Ideas for Valentines Day

Have you thought about post card marketing. With a simple, direct message Valentines Day is the perfect time to reach out to your clients. Post card marketing is inexpensive, effective, quick and easy. Here are a few ideas.

Postcard #1 - Extra Special Valentines Massage
Promote on your post card an extra special Valentines massage by adding a rose and a box of Chocolates. Suggest that your clients book a massage now to be treated to a rose and box of chocolates with their massage.

Postcard #2 - Gift Certificates
Use the post card to promote your gift certificates. In fact you can spruce it up by rolling the gift certificate and slip it in a teddy bear's hug, or make a nice gift certificate card presented with a beautiful box of chocolates.

We know massage is a wonderful gift for yourself or for a loved one. Post cards are an easy way to get the word out and book some new appointments.

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